Monty Roberts Lead Line: 12 Feet (3.6 Meters) Red

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Monty developed this lead line to allow your horses to learn incrementally. This is the heart of Monty's educational message.
 Qualities - How does it differ from round ropes?
•Soft - cushioned cotton core and special soft nylon, double stitched to last
•Easier to hold than round ropes - any size hand can get a good grip
•Super strong nylon doesn’t break down in dirt and moisture
•Brightly coloured for easy identification of length (even in the dirt!) - 12’ (4 meters) is RED
•Durable - brass snaps hold up in harsh conditions
•Gives a handler manouvering room if a horse plays up
•Plenty of length to wrap through the noseband to create an alternative to harsh chains – in case you are stuck without your Dually Halter!
•Can be used to create a quick foal handler (figure of eight)


Condition New